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michael kors Emily makes her mark on Bachelorette The Marquee Blog

Emily makes her mark on Bachelorette The Marquee Blog
This week included two individual dates and a group outing, with the first individual date going to Chris.
The hint was that it was going to involve climbing, but Chris didn michael kors watches understand the meaning of the clue. Shocking, because climbingstuff is just as much of a hallmark of this show as helicopters, swimming pools and venereal disease.
What Chris soon learned was that Emily was going to make him earn his dinner by climbing up the side of a building. What happened to Emily the single mom? Make Chris cook a three-course meal or, better yet, challenge him to get reservations at the hottest restaurant in the city.
When the two reached the summit, Chris celebrated with a high-five, saying that he wasn ready to kiss Emily. At dinner, they both agreed that Chris is a man, which was apparently enough for him to get a rose. I will say that I a little concerned about Emily standards.
The group date saw 12 of the contestants get by four of Emily friends at a park, followed by the men frolicking with several children that stormed out of a minivan. I put in quotes because the questioning consisted primarily of requests to dance and remove articles of clothing.
Again, I not sure what any of that had to do with parenting. As the father of a 10-month-old girl, I would love to see a group date similar to last week date - something that challenges the men michael kors bags to do actual parenting tasks. The sight of 12 men, for instance, attempting to change diapers or put together a stroller (I done both) could be comedy gold.
Later that night, Emily and the men went to a place called for the post-date party. (I was very disappointed with the lack of butter served at Butter, by the way.) It was here where Emily said goodbye to Tony, the lumber trader and single dad who was feeling the pressure of being away from his young son. Emily told Tony that he should go home and recover, adding that he would find that special someone down the line.
After the surprise elimination, Emily gave her next rose to Sean, a Texas insurance agent who Emily friends were most impressed with. Emily used the word several times to describe Sean - a habit that bordering on Jake Pavelka levels of annoying.
Arie the race car driver landed the second individual date, and at that point wasn worried about a rose. He may be worried about his dirty laundry being exposed by the end of the michael kors purses series, though, but we come back to that.
Emily and Arie went to Dollywoodin Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. You see, Emily a big Dolly Partonfan, and she considers Dollywoodto be happiest place on Earth. Disney going to have a stroke after hearing that.
The two were in a theater trying towrite a love song when Dolly Partondropped by to welcome the happy couple to her amusement park. Thanks to Emily (as well as my father-in-law for catching it), we learned the country legend middle name - it and Arie also had dinner at Dollywood, and I was horrified to learn that funnel cake was not served for dessert. But then Arie revealed that he once dated a woman with two children, a development that Steve Carbone writesabout here, along with that laundry I mentioned earlier.
Ariethen proclaimed that he better than Brad Womack because he ready for babies. Forget the funnel cake, make Ariecarry a pink diaper bag around the amusement park!
After admitting she doesn have many talents, Emily gave Arie a rose, and they celebrated by getting on a merry-go-round. This was the dating equivalent of two pre-teens going michael kors handbags out on their first outing.
When it was cocktail party time, two of the competitors made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The first screw-up was courtesy of lululemonaustraliasale.webs guy Kalon, who developed quite the knack of making a horse patoot of himself this season. Is it all an act for the show? Maybe not, at least according to this Facebook page featuring the alleged ramblings of Kalon when he attempted to make a living as a model in southern California.
On the show, Kalon protested not getting to go on any dates this week by wearing eyeglasses but refusing to put on a necktie or socks. If he was trying to look like Don Johnson, he actually gave off more of a Don Adams vibe.
And to make matters worse, he told Emily to let him finish speaking. Conversation is not his strong suit.
Still, Kalonwas a choir boy compared to Alessandro, the grain merchant from Brazil who, with his messed-up hair, five o shadow and ill-fitting suit, looked like Kato Kaelin cheaper, non-union equivalent. He told Emily that michael kors purse being in a relationship with a single mom was a prompting Emily to boot him off the show.
With Tony and Alessandro gone, Emily only had to eliminate one contestant at the rose ceremony. Thatman was Stevie, the New Jersey MC who feuded with Kalonthe first two episodes but had no screen time this week. Lilke it all about her. Some of these men have children too, and it also very important to them to find the right stepmom for their children. Their children are important too. I would love to hear some of these men that are daddies to ask her the same questions to see if she the right mother for their michael kors handbags children. It like it has become a search for a father more than a husband. Being a husband and father are equally important.
May 30, 2012 at 1:56 pm |
Emily is quite pretty but a bit of an air head and too southern country for my liking but she knows what she wants and is getting to the point rather quickly and kind of boorishly by putting the guys on the spot immediately with her interrogation style of date conversation regarding their intentions towards her as a mother and her child. so if these guys arent ready to be an instant father to her daughter they may as well hit the road which is what happened with Alessandro. Tony was a wimp and Stevie is too Jersey for her. I wish she have a date with Michael with the long hair he cute and i want to learn more about him
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