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作者: 3wdjin0521    時間: 2013-5-30 12:42     標題: Fake Firefighter Shows Little Sympathy for Victim

Fake Firefighter Shows Tiny Sympathy for Victim
Nevertheless it wasn't Jane he was going immediately after. It was a co-worker that he barely knew. And he was heading toward her constructing.
"I ran as much as six, I place on my, my fireman stuff, um, and after that came down. And knocked on a number of doors. I was seriously acting the fireman," Braunstein recounted.
Braunstein had just set off some smoke bombs, and now he was pretending to be the rescuer.
"Finally, I got to her door," he recounted. "I yelled, 'Fire Department.'" He remembers that she hesitated and then opened her door. The victim, clearly convinced that a actual fireman was standing before her, asked, within a panicked voice, what she should do. Braunstein entered the apartment. As she headed toward the kitchen, he described the subsequent moment in detail:
"I pulled out my gun and stated, you understand, 'Get down on the floor in case you do not want me to, like, blow your head off.'" He explained that it .
toms shoe sale was .
cheap toms shoes a fake Berretta that he was employing, but that it was productive for the reason that "it looks precisely like a real gun."
The victim -- who has not been publicly identified -- was a fashion editor at W Magazine. She sat near Larkworthy, and that, probably, was her downfall.
Braunstein admits that he then took a rag soaked in chloroform and put it more than her mouth. She right away passed out. When she awoke about two hours later, she was on her back. She was tied up .
toms outlet store -- spread-eagle -- towards the bed posts. She was naked except to get a pair of underwear and one particular other point. She was wearing a pair of designer higher heel shoes that Braunstein had slipped on her.
It seemed like a well-planned attack. But Braunstein claims that once he got inside, his program ended. He said that this was .
cheap toms shoes never ever about rape or murder. Why did he take off her garments? Braunstein pondered to get a moment and said, "I guess to humiliate her."
At trial, Braunstein was never ever charged with rape. When asked about touching the victim, Braunstein admitted that he did touch her. "I think I fondled her breast twice," he recalled.
A lot more indicators of bizarre behavior and probably his illness are revealed when he describes how he started to make himself at residence. As the victim remained in her bedroom, bound and blindfolded, Braunstein laments that he didn't know what to complete next. So he watched a film on Lifetime, he recounted. Then he roamed into the kitchen.
"I was hungry, I wanted one thing to eat, so I opened her refrigerator and there had been two bottles of Cristal and practically nothing else. Typical fashionista diet program," he mentioned sarcastically.
'I'm .
toms outlet store Going to Kill Anna Wintour'
On the list of lots of puzzling things about this crime is why he chose this certain lady as his victim. She was a co-worker, but he barely knew her. And he stated he definitely had no feelings toward her 1 way or the other. So why her? Braunstein mentioned, "The closest I've come is the fact that it was a way of having back in the fashion sector."
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